Stars – 274

Your real stars of the week with Astrogirlzarro,

Refreshing your online profile, revamping your resume, and upgrading practical skills will open doors professionally over the next twelve months.

Mercury will spend ample time in your sign this year. Verbal communication is highlighted, leading to revelations through the simple art of talking things through with a trusted friend.

Gemini, this is not the year to go it alone. 2016 is all about your relationship with others. Team work and collaborations help you achieve your goals.

2016 is the time to develop a new skill or undergo formal training for a fresh career direction. Hard work without the financial reward is likely, but success will follow in good time.

Beauty, luxury items, art and culture are given special focus over the next twelve months, thanks to the Taurus-Mercury link.

Virgos will experience meaningful progress in their personal lives under the expansive Jupiter cycle. Re-kindle your dreams and work to fulfilling them this year.

Jupiter enters your sign on 9 September, triggering a new twelve-year cycle. Any projects undertaken towards the end of the year will blossom over the next decade.

Opportunities in many areas of life open up over the next twelve months. Assess their appeal based on how they will aid your personal development.

You’ll have a busy year ahead, thanks to a stellium of planets in your sign. Saturn’s influence can help you commit to a cause, project, or relationship.

Visits from Mars, Venus, and Mercury in 2016 compel you to reinvent your image, increasing your social and professional status this year.

Mars’ fast paced progress in specific areas of your life has you focusing on one or two ventures this year. Put all your efforts into one major project to achieve tangible outcomes by the end of 2016.

Professional opportunities present themselves throughout the year, so be prepared to grab them … and have a Happy New Year!