Stars – 283

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Review your finances around May 27th under the Mars retrograde motion. Seek quality arrangements that will yield long-term results.

Taureans need to review their romantic relationships this fortnight. Step back and give loved ones their breathing space.

With Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune connecting, you may feel pulled in many directions. A flexible attitude helps settle a complex situation.

Creativity continues to be the driving force for many Cancerians. Skills acquired recently continue to develop under the current Mars transit.

New friendships blossom under the New Moon on June 5th. The Gemini influence in your networking sector draws you to a diverse range of people.

The New Moon in your professional zone on June 5th triggers fresh beginnings. It’s an ideal time to embark on a particular career path.

Review your money matters under the Mars retrograde motion from May 27th. Diligent examination of correspondence reveals missed information.

The Mars retrograde motion in your sign signals you to replenish your energy reserves. Rest is vital to re-energising your spirits.

The New Moon in your love zone on June 5th links to sociable Venus. Good times and good conversation are highlights for the gregarious Centaur.

Necessary endings to outdated friendships are likely. You don’t have the time or energy for certain people, so let them go.

Professional goals are at a standstill under Mars retrograde. Review where you’ve been and plan where you would like to go, career-wise.

The Universe asks you not to be hasty in assessing progress of a certain situation or project. Focus on the details and complete tasks carefully.