Stars – 284

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Venus weaves her magic through your living space from June 17th. Upgrade your furnishings or domestic appliances by choosing quality and beauty over thrift.

Your love life has the potential to reach dramatic depths from June 22nd, thanks to the Jupiter-Pluto link. Relationships can provide cathartic but transformative lessons.

Conveying your message to a particular audience proves effortless once Mercury enters your sign on June 12th. Communicating with charm and humour will get your point across.

Venus enters your sign on June 17th. Express yourself through creative hobbies or nurturing those closest to you.

A financial breakthrough is possible under the Pluto transit from June 22nd. Taking control of your money leads to transformations on many levels.

Mercury in bubbly Gemini from June 12th throws you in the social whirl. Make an effort to catch up with favourite friends.

Make important decisions regarding your family or domestic situation after June 22nd for positive outcomes.

Your judgement and temperament are balanced when Venus forms a favourable aspect to your Sun from June 17th. Use this cycle to smooth over differences in your personal or professional relationships.

The Full Moon in your sign on June 20th reveals why certain practices do or don’t work for you. Act on changing negative patterns.

The Solstice on June 21st can be a tricky time of year for the Goat. Be prepared to re-adjust your priorities for the second half of 2016.

Re-evaluate your friendships under the Saturn-Neptune connection. Weed out false acquaintances and focus on quality experiences with soul mates.

Mercury’s influence from June 12th is ideal for organising repairs or maintenance to your home.