Stars – 291

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The possibility of personal growth is likely under the Sun-Jupiter link from September 23rd. Be mindful of overindulgence or waste.

Your desire for love increases under the influence of Venus after 23 September. You may appear overly keen in matters of the heart so apply moderation in sensitive situations.

Projects or events centered on your living space are given a cosmic boost, thanks to the Sun’s transit from September 22nd. Your goals for home renovation or entertaining are attainable under this cycle.

Cancerians are now geared towards expansion with the help of the Sun and Jupiter. Applying confidence to a pressing situation nudges it towards closure.

The Universe supports the initiation of any new relationships, investments or projects you are dreaming of undertaking. Move forward with conviction.

The Full Moon on September 17th compels you to purge and release the things that don’t serve you. This is an ideal time to declutter, both practically and mentally.

The Full Moon coupled with the Sun’s change of sign on September 22nd signals a time to step back from the chaos of life and refocus.

Clear and direct communication is key to getting what you want this fortnight. Debating, negotiating, and conflict resolution are successful under this transit.

The desire to experience life to the fullest intensifies under the expansive Sun-Jupiter link. You’ll be feeling lucky so grab all opportunities for personal or professional development.

If you have remained conservative in relation to a particular issue, the Full Moon on September 17th will urge you to release baggage in order to progress.

Sociable Aquarians will be at their best between September 23rd and 28th. You will draw others close, making this an ideal time for schmoozing.

Neptune’s dreamy influence may awaken your spirituality. Make time for meditation, yoga, or retreating into nature.