Stars – 292

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The Jupiter-Mercury link on October 11th brings romantic encounters with an intellectual twist. Sparkling conversation goes a long way in pursuing the object of your desire.

You may harbour escapist notions under the Venus-Neptune link. This cycle sharpens your intuition, allowing you to tune in to the nuances of a particular situation.

Move beyond your perceived professional limits between October 11-12 with the help of boundless Neptune.

The New Moon on October 1st connects to Jupiter in your domestic zone. This is an ideal time to kickstart a grand project concerning your home or family.

Finalise the financial details of a project before October 7th with the help of fact-checking Mercury.

Your ruling planet Mercury snuggles up to expansive Jupiter on October 11th. Communication can have a huge impact if you choose your words carefully.

Mercury moves into your sign on October 7th, connecting to the New Moon and Jupiter a few days later. Begin grandiose projects under this cycle and watch them unfold over a 12-year period.

Your passion for knowledge, teaching, or travel can lead to new opportunities if you are open to receiving these divine messages.

Connect with all the right people when your networking sphere gets a cosmic boost around October 4th.

Be patient with professional dreams as hardworking Saturn nudges your career goals in a
slow but steady manner.

Risk-taking Aquarians will want to jump off the treadmill thanks to adventurous Jupiter. Stimulating travel experiences appeal to you under this transit.

Mars’ influence throughout October can make you productive in relation to a particular project. Don’t wait for opportunities to appear; be proactive and go for it!