Stars – 293

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The Full Moon on October 16th brings a turning point where you’re prompted to break free from a tricky situation.

You’ll make a favourable impression with the right people thanks to flattering Venus. Attract more of what you want up to October 18th.

Love is on the cards for the flirty Twins when Venus changes signs on October 18th. This is an ideal time to be more generous with your emotions and actions.

Mercury makes a positive aspect to your Sun from October 24th. Put your point across with confidence and power.

The Sun transits your domestic zone from October 22nd. Issues around self sufficiency in relation to your home and family need to be examined at this time.

You’ll be in the mood for beautifying your home with the help of Venus from October 18th. Aesthetically pleasing pieces add a touch of class to your personal space.

The Full Moon on October 16th releases you from a delicate romantic situation. Be gentle with a significant other when pushing your point.

Mercury moves into your sign on October 24th. You may think deeply about a pressing situation but be mindful of obsessive thoughts that hinder your search for solutions.

The mood lightens when Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 18th. Getting the party going will be high on your agenda. Make room for fun in your busy schedule.

The power of Pluto prompts many Goats to make life-affirming decisions around October 19th.

You’ll find meeting new people effortless around October 18th. Attending high profile events will impact your social or professional standing.

Making a lasting impression at work from October 18th will enhance your career prospects.