Stars – 300

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Between February 25th-28th, Mars works with Uranus and Jupiter to generate change in an innovative way. Take on a leadership role where personal relationships are concerned.

The Sun and Mercury ignite your career sector until February 25th. Now is the ideal time to change direction or elevate your professional status.

If you want more control over your finances, take action around February 22nd after seeking concrete advice from the experts.

A cosmic trigger to Pluto on February 22nd produces a revelation where romance is concerned. Unearth and deal with the secrets that keep love from growing.

Money disruptions are likely under the solar eclipse on February 27th. Ensure that you check necessary details to keep your finances in order.

The New Moon on February 27th is the final eclipse in a series that has triggered your relationship sector since February 2016. Add spice to your love life and enjoy!

Mars works with Uranus around February 26th to add passion to your most important relationships. Make room for fun and spontaneity.

For Scorpios who are out of kilter, the eclipse on February 27th helps re-set your life. Incorporate balance in your routine.

Domestic disruptions are likely this fortnight. Let go of family or childhood baggage and move forward.

You are compelled to slow down around March 3rd, thanks to the Venus retrograde motion. Delays in your home life are blessings in disguise, so relax.

The eclipse on February 27th triggers changes to old money habits. Explore practical financial management strategies and implement them this month.

The New Moon eclipse in your sign on February 27th, coupled with Mercury and Neptune, is ideal for turning your dreams into reality. Daydreaming and downtime are the first steps to success.