Stars September

This is an ideal time for adventure, both physically and metaphorically speaking. Opportunities to explore new horizons emerge around the Full Moon on 6 September.

‘Action’ is the key word to personal fulfilment when Mars enters your house of fun on 5 September. Pursue hobbies and interests with passion.

Domestic setbacks move forward in September. Major decisions about your living situation, such as relocating or renovating, will be finalised towards the end of the month.

Financial progress amplifies between mid-August and mid-September with the help of the Virgo Stellium. A pay increase or promotion are likely, but only if you ask.

Abundancy issues take centre stage for the well-stocked Lion. Draw a line between what is yours and what belongs to others.

Virgos will have a month of power with the Super Moon on 20 September and the Mercury-Venus-Mars connection bouncing off each other. Focus on the specifics without losing sight of the big picture.

September is the last month lucky Jupiter will inhabit your sign for another twelve years. Initiate new projects before the giant planet moves into Scorpio in October.

You’ll relish the social whirl when a string of planets party hard in your networking sphere. Turn on the charm and get your name on the door.

You may need to restructure parts of your career or create new routines around the way you work.

Passionate Mars demands that you put aside the distractions of the material world and add meaning to your life in soulful ways.

The Mercury-Venus-Mars link helps transform your financial situation sensibly. Avoid seductive monetary dealings by checking the facts and understanding the detail.

The Full Moon on 6 September triggers a soulful month for gentle Pisces. Creativity and intuition are heightened. Step away from routine and unlock your imagination.

By Astrogirlzarro