Your Say: Cup animal cruelty

November 10, 2014
Should the Melbourne Cup be stopped for cruelty to animals? • “Yes!!!” Bridget, Newtown • “Why should it be stopped? Right now, somewhere, a cow is having a bolt fired through its skull so you can have […]

Inner West Whispers – 245

October 28, 2014
Prof Spurr not all bad, celebrity chef sighted, White Ibis named Bachelor of the Year • Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal was spotted finishing a Meatball Melt and Chocolate Milkshake at a certain cafe on Darling Street […]

Snaps – 242

September 15, 2014
Email your snaps to Thanks to Ravyna J Photography for Reclaim the Streets snaps.

Things we love – 242

September 12, 2014
The grass is always greener. These two cows were spotted behind Cafe Bones munching away on their breakfast while a little pooch eyes them out. We always knew Cafe Bones was a pet-friendly place! It’s […]

Thing we love – 230

March 31, 2014
Going on safari in Newtown. These two water buffaloes were spotted running down King Street on Tuesday morning (to the surprise of drivers!), stopping traffic and generally causing a stir. Having apparently escaped from a […]

Tasmanian treasures

March 17, 2014
Maria Island Walk Truth be told, I’m not much of a camping kind of guy. I like my comforts. Composting toilets, tents, mosquito nets and rocks that need to be climbed are not usually on […]

Jared Ingersoll on… horses

October 21, 2013
I love horses! Actually that should read ‘I love horse.’ As far as red meat goes horse meat is really quite delicious. Generally speaking it is more tender and has a sweeter taste, slightly richer […]
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