Bay bitch: watching

March 18, 2016
As you are all aware most aspects of our lives are being monitored by various bodies (sometimes actual bodies) in a hope that we will perform better. KPIs are rampant, competencies have to be achieved, […]

Bay bitch: bottled up

March 17, 2016
I can’t remember the moment when bottled water became a necessity to take on all walks, whether it be a ten-minute stroll to the shops or a power walk around the Bay. I do recall […]

Bay Bitch: birds of a feather

February 18, 2016
The other morning I was pleasantly surprised by nature down on the cove. Everything seemed to be sparkling and the birdlife was seething. I first came across a pelican patrolling up and down the Bay […]

Bay Bitch: Desperados

February 5, 2016
Have any of you sportsters out there ever suspected that you are being watched? You may have just had a creepy feeling or perhaps you have actually had contact with someone sidling up to you […]

Bay Bitch: The Redemption

January 28, 2016
When the rain finally stopped in early 2016, the sportsters emerged with gusto like they had just been released from their cage. Their pace had quickened, their arms were swaying at wider angles, they were […]

Bay Bitch 256

April 27, 2015
I am feeling like I’m setting a reasonable pace on the bay – quite impressed with myself actually. A fellow bay walker-jogger-runner-sprinter comes by, looking strikingly familiar, and passes me from the opposite direction. I […]

Bay Bitch 255

April 13, 2015
There they are the familiar pair – the shiny lycra clad muscular one, jogging on the spot waiting impatiently for her gasping bay partner, who is trying her very best to simulate the pace and […]

Bay Bitch 254

March 25, 2015
Think the lycra-clad clones of the Bay Run need a slice of reality pie? Ciao’s Bay Bitch dishes out some lip-smacking morsels of snark. Bay Bitch meets ‘Daddy Cool’ Next cab off the rank heading […]

Bay Bitch 253

March 12, 2015
Sweaty Psalms Strolling along the bay today I am not assaulted by the usual suspects of speeding bikes or wound up runners, but by the seemingly never ending stream of inspirational slogans randomly strewn across […]

Things we love – 245

October 24, 2014
This idol of Hindu god of knowledge, Lord Ganesha, was found washed up on the Bay Run outside UTS Rowers by an eager-eyed walker. Each September, Hindus celebrate the festival dedicated to Ganesha by immersing […]
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