The curious case of the dope dealing nuns

April 23, 2019
The transformation of cannabis culture from an illegal and socially disapproved-of activity to a multibillion-dollar mass marketed industry represents one of the largest social changes of this century. A distinctly odd film opening this week […]

Local cinemas this week

April 15, 2019
We don’t see nearly enough Asian movies in our arthouse cinemas. Why? Movie of the week: Burning Like many disaffected millennials the world over, Jong-su (Ah-in Yoo) is underemployed and listless. He works as a delivery […]

Local cinemas this week

April 9, 2019
Post-war hanky-panky, and post-capitalism explained The Aftermath Put two of Hollywood’s hunkiest hot properties together in a handsome period drama and you can be pretty sure that soon enough they’ll get horizontal. Though when they […]

Local cinemas this week

April 7, 2019
It’s a remarkably strong week for arthouse and indie releases – all screening at Dendy Newtown Movie of the week: Galveston Roy Cady (Ben Foster, Hell or High Water) is an angry two-bit crim and violent hitman, […]

1985 movie giveaway

April 7, 2019
Having been gone for three years, closeted advertising executive Adrian (Cory Michael Smith) returns to his Texas hometown for the holidays during the first wave of the AIDS crisis. Burdened with an unspeakable tragedy in […]

Local cinemas this week

March 5, 2019
Movie of the week: The House That Jack Built This isn’t for everyone. In fact if you’re offended by violence, misogyny, (staged) torture and a white male behaving very badly, stop reading now. Plenty of headlines, […]

Local cinemas this week

February 25, 2019
Movie of the week: The Guilty If you ever have to dial 000 in an emergency, you’d better hope you don’t get someone like demoted cop Asger Holm (Jacob Cedergren) on the line. Within his first […]

Local cinemas this week

February 21, 2019
Two movie about the perils of show-biz fame open this week, one of them a misunderstood masterpiece Vox Lux Brady Corbet’s provocative first feature, The Childhood of a Leader astounded critics and festival-goers in 2015, […]

The House That Jack Built giveaway

February 8, 2019
“Notorious provocateur Lars von Trier is up to his old tricks with (this) savage but fascinatingly ambitious serial killer drama” – In five episodes, failed architect and vicious sociopath Jack (Matt Dillon) recounts his elaborately orchestrated […]

The Guilty giveaway

February 7, 2019
Gustav Möller’s nail-biting Danish thriller about an emergency services phone operator was an audience and critical hit at the 2018 Sydney Film Festival. Alarm dispatcher and former police officer, Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren), answers an […]
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