Stop Sexual Bullying

May 24, 2015
Sexual bullying makes me sick. That is, any sort of bullying or shaming about someone’s gender or sexuality. Research shows that girls are disproportionately the victims of sexual bullying and that the bullying is usually […]

Fifty facades of…

February 28, 2015
As a kink friendly sex therapist I’m frustrated with the book Fifty Shades of Grey. I understand the book has assisted many women in reawakening their sexual side but after reading it, here are my […]

Romance Revisited

February 11, 2015
Ciao’s resident sex therapist and relationships columnist, Cat O’Dowd, interrogates the Inner West’s hot and cold affair with Valentines Day. “Cupid rhymes with stupid!” “Valentines Day isn’t about romance anymore it’s about rules and doing […]

Rafael – Hot or Not?

December 8, 2014
Change Brewing…  Rafael Bartkowski works locally as the director of Campos Coffee (based in Alexandria) and is also an ambassador for White Ribbon Day. Bartkowski started working with White Ribbon because he feels there is […]

Dexter – Hot or Not?

November 25, 2014
The next round is on Dex Dexter Everingham is the General Manager at the recently refurbished Hunters Hill Hotel. Dexter gets a big kick out of his face-to-face role as Manager. “It’s great to be […]

Some like it Rough

November 20, 2014
How does the kinky brain work? Ciao’s resident sex therapist, Cat O’Dowd, caught up with professional dominatrix Kalyss Mercury, who is studying the neuroscience of kink at the University of Oslo. Mistress Kalyss Mercury is […]

Bad to the bone

October 31, 2014
Our resident sex therapist, Cat O Dowd, explains why “bad boys” aren’t good for anyone… The rebel without a cause, the smouldering country and western outlaw or charming spy who kills indiscriminately while women swoon: […]

Rant: The female once-over

October 27, 2014
It was so brazen, it was almost dissociative – did that really just happen to me? Yeah, unfortunately it did. The female once-over – the up and down, head to toe and back again, passing […]

Spicy Confessions: food in the bedroom

October 3, 2014
Have you ever used any food products in the bedroom? If so, what did you use? “Kissing whilst eating dark chocolate (and sharing it!) is one of my favourites.” Phoebe, Five Dock “I eat in […]
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