Uninspiring couples

May 26, 2014
Ever met a couple that instinctively makes you cringe even if you hate to admit it? From how we look and behave, to the products we are expected to procure, marketers and the media ensure […]

Spicy Inner West: Domesticated men?

April 15, 2014
Ciao asks, the Inner West answers: is a domesticated man generally unsexy? “So women want men to be slobs now? We won’t ever get you.” Antonio, Leichhardt. “I always thought it was but my current […]

A history of female ejaculation

March 17, 2014
Australian governments, as well as plenty of ordinary Aussies, refuse to believe it’s possible but female ejaculation has been widely written about for thousands of years across a wide range of cultures. Did you know […]

Why he’s not in the mood

March 3, 2014
Society tells us that men are always ready for sex, perpetually randy and constantly thinking about it, while apparently women need to be emotionally in the mood for sex because their sexuality is not as […]

His and hers Valentine’s days

February 4, 2014
How about a special day for we blokes? Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. A chance to show someone you care, an opportunity to redeem oneself for previous oversights, a cash cow for […]

A groovy kind of love

February 4, 2014
Meet singer Sarah Bedak and drummer Nenad Radic Rroma. This passionate, strong-willed and musical pair are married to their band – and now to each other. Like all good love stories, serendipity played a part […]

Your Say: Inner West relationships

February 4, 2014
We’ve got a theory that relationships are more successful when both partners are from the Inner West. Do you only date people from your own area? • “Yes, you can go to the same cafe!” […]

Heather – Hot or not?

December 16, 2013
Heather is a Newtown local who works full time at Newtown Three 5 Nine (a Red Cross store) on King Street and says she loves the individuality of the people in the area and its […]

What’s old is new again

December 5, 2013
The older man – younger woman partnership isn’t necessarily a patriarchial conspiracy. Faced with an emotionally stunted kidult or sophisticated father figure, plenty of smart ladies will go for the latter option. It’s the oldest […]

Hannah – Hot or Not

November 18, 2013
Having attended Leichhardt Public School and lived in the Inner West for over a decade, Hannah is very familiar with all the treasures it has to offer and is constantly searching for new bars and […]
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