Your say: Israeli Film Fest protests

September 1, 2014
What was your take on the demonstrations outside the Israeli Film Festival? Should we protest artistic events? “The Greens party are the boycotter’s political advocates. I just don’t get it… how is censorship, the prohibition […]

Your say: eco sins

August 18, 2014
As the Footprints Eco Festival draws near, it’s time to confess your eco sins: what’s your most unsustainable guilty pleasure? “Sitting in front of the heater and watching reality TV pretty much throughout the entire […]

Your say: the Italian Forum

August 4, 2014
There’s been a lot of debate around who should take over the Italian Forum Cultural Centre: Co.As.It or the Actors Centre Australia (ACA). If you could decide, what would you like to see open in the […]

Your say: Shopping local vs. online

June 10, 2014
Do you prefer to do your shopping online or locally? “I like shopping online for convenience and because I don’t often get to the shop after work.” Bruno, Leichhardt. “I like to support my local […]

Your Say: Budget verdicts

May 26, 2014
What do you think of the Federal Budget 2014? Is it the budget that had to happen or just plain evil? “Official verdict: pretty poo poo.” Chadwick, Enmore. “Cuts needed to be made. The fact […]

Your Say: What would you line up for?

May 12, 2014
People have been lining up a lot lately – waiting for a glimpse of the royals, free comics (pictured above) or even new release shoes. It got us wondering: what else would you line up […]

Your say: Barry O'Farrell and Winegate

April 28, 2014
In the wake of Barry O’Farrell’s resignation, we ask locals what they think of the situation… “Stupid to accept it, stupid thing to lie about, stupid thing to end his leadership. I think his integrity, […]

Your say: Is the Inner West patriotic?

April 14, 2014
As Anzac Day approaches we wonder: is the Inner West patriotic? “Ask that question again in June for the World Cup!” Mark, Leichhardt. “As an elected Council representative over the past 25 years, I have […]

Your Say: Annoying cinema behaviours

March 17, 2014
With the German Film Festival coming up and the French Film Festival winding down, we ask locals what the most annoying thing is people do in a cinema… “Opening a crunchy packet of anything after […]
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