The Verdict on Earth Hour

Do you think EarthHour makes a difference in the scheme of things? And how far will you be taking it this year?

“I don’t actually know when it is but will now seek to find out and participate. In terms of immediate greenhouse gas reductions, no, I don’t think it makes much of a difference. But in terms of raising awareness, changing people’s attitudes and engaging with the community I think it can make a massive difference. We may move slowly, but we are making progress.”
Patrick, Rozelle.

“I’m going to have a go at cutting everything off and just seeing what I can do to entertain myself by candlelight…”
Jeff, Ashfield.

“In the big scheme of things? Probably not. But the good intention is there.”
Michael, Haberfield.

“The difference Earth Hour makes to the environment is about .00002 per cent, which is insignificant, but that’s OK. What it does do is highlight and identify the importance of how we as individuals can play a role in changing the world we live in. That hour changes the way people think and treat the world for the rest of the year. And this makes a big difference.”
Zahin, Sydney.

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