Things We Love – 275

Here at Ciao we love… Love! We spotted this jazzed-up sign outside Darlington Public School, on Golden Grove Street. With Valentines Day just around the corner, what a perfect time to reflect on and celebrate love in all its different forms. In fact, the Inner West has a history of rainbow crossings. In 2013, Summer Hill’s Lackey Street Piazza became home to the first permanent rainbow installation in NSW. The installation, which has since undergone touch-ups by Ashfield Council, is still looking bright and colourful over two years later. The ‘Rainbow Revolution’ movement was born as a response to the removal of Sydney’s original rainbow crossing in Taylor Square, spurring thousands of chalked rainbows across the world protesting for marriage equality. Could the sign be an indication that Darlington may be getting its own rainbow crossing? Either way, Inner Westies: it’s time to spread the love wherever we can!