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Toni & Guy-Newtown was first opened in 2003 and after 10 years in business, this hairdressing salon has the claim of being selected as a finalist for the Inner West Local Business Awards for now the sixth time and can boast two of their prior nominations as wins within their category. In addition, salon owner and artistic director Lea-Ann Suthern, who first joined the franchise in 1998 at McMahons Point Salon, was individually selected as a finalist for Business Person of the Year in 2010. She also has been commended on multiple occasions for her presentations at various fashion shows and hairdressing industry events where she has represented Toni & Guy, Label M and Wella. With credentials like these, it is no surprise that Toni & Guy has so many dedicated clients and has proven itself such a success.

Appropriately located on King Street in the heart of Newtown, Toni & Guy has managed to stand out as a beacon of style and fashion in one of the trendiest area of Sydney, a feat that very few businesses could hope to claim. And it is not just the locals who love Toni & Guy. Rather, this salon is quickly becoming more and more renown, evidenced by them recently being awarded Gold Member status by the Australian Hairdressing Council, thus signifying Toni & Guy-Newtown as achieving the highest standard possible within their industry. Ciao Magazine recently conducted an interview with salon owner Lea-Ann Suthern who stated that the reason her business is so popular and successful is due to them “constantly evolving as fashion changes” and their focus on staff development, who Lea-Ann describes as “the true stars of Toni & Guy”. The communal atmosphere and closeness of the staff has certainly helped this salon establish itself as a local favourite.

This salon has earned their prestige by striving for excellence, always trying to expand and improve in every way they can. Whether in a direct fashion, such as extending their shop with a second floor or developing the skills of their stylists, or by being active in the community, such as their recent involvement with the World’s Greatest Shave charity event, Toni & Guy has continued demonstrate their commitment to the Inner West community. Perhaps one of their most commendable, philanthropic efforts is their support of the Eco-Friendly Hairdressing campaign, which, while quite likely to lead to at least a minor loss in profits for the salon due to the extra expenses caused by this initiative, has undeniable benefits for the environment. With efforts like these, it is easy to understand why Toni & Guy is loved by their community.

While Toni & Guy-Newtown celebrates its first decade in business this year, the entire Toni & Guy franchise, whose first store opened in 1963 in London, is currently commemorating its 50th year in the hairdressing industry. Lea-Ann has stated her enjoyment with celebrating such milestones along side the franchise. Now with over 420 salons across 42 countries worldwide, it is clear that their success extends further than just the achievements of Lea-Ann and her team at Toni & Guy-Newtown. However, this Inner West salon is certainly proving itself to be a stand out within an incredibly impressive company and that is a significant achievement.

As a resident of the Inner West for the past 17 years, Lea-Ann Suthern was incredibly grateful for this recognition as a successful small business owner in Newtown, an area she has grown to love for its community and history, as well as for the fact that “no two days are the same on King St” which Lea-Ann thanks “the eclectic mix of people” who live in Newtown for. After hearing the news, Lea-Ann said she would like to give her thanks to all her loyal customers that have supported Toni & Guy-Newtown for the past 10 years and she promises to continue to give them the best possible service and experience.

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