Two wheels are better than four

Disappointing that the recent Census 2016 did not ask a single transport question. Given that most of us have to travel at least once a day, and our transport infrastructure plays a large part in our overall wellbeing, not to mention the billions being spent at a national, state and local level – transport should be as relevant an issue as ageing, education and income.

When shaping our future, the clear lack of transport planning is evident at all government levels. We are building roads but what about the other contributing factors, like excessive pollution, depletion of natural resources such as petrol, and cost?

We explore some of the impediments to getting on a bike rather than into a car and how to overcome them. This Bike Week, why not shed a few wheels?


By far, the main reason Inner West residents don’t ride their bikes, is because they think they will die on the road. Fair enough. It looks pretty scary. There are too few bike lanes on major routes, cars and trucks are impolite and there is only a single helmet between your beautiful brain and hard tar. Safe Inner West and City bike routes can be found here.


There are always excuses as to why one should stay in bed. But driving to the gym is just weird. We know exercise is good for us and we should do more, but so many of us just can’t be bothered riding and would rather hop in the car and drive to Norton Plaza or Marrickville Metro. Not only is this lazy but you are missing out on an opportunity to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule.

Carrying stuff like groceries

Sure, a bike can’t carry as much as a car. Books, milk,  laptops can be heavy when riding a bike.  A front or back basket, and panniers can easily carry the load. Or even a smart back pack can do the trick. There are hundreds of nicely designed ones. Try the online stores below.

You’ll arrive sweaty

Yes you might, but sweat is sexy. Your body will gain muscle with consistent exercise, and physical activity is known to boost mental health, resilience and confidence. So that bit of sweat will heighten your attractiveness even more. Besides, many city offices have showers, change rooms and lockers where riders can change from athletic gear to corporate wear. Or don’t bother, ‘athleisure wear’ is so 2016.

Whatever you feel is holding you back from riding, just knock it on the head and give it a try. Anything has got to be better than being stuck in a traffic jam on Crystal Street!

See for a full list of Bike Week events.