Veg Out

Samantha Hayes explains why the Inner West is a great place to go meat-free.

One month ago, after 19 years of eating meat daily, I began to think about the sustainability and ethics of what I was doing. After a small nudge from some vegetarian friends, I decided to try to emulate their plant-based diets.

If you are thinking of making the change, the Inner West has a vibrant vegetarian and vegan community to make your transition smooth and delicious!

Why not challenge yourself to try going vegetarian for just one week? This was my approach and I haven’t looked back since.


Lentil As Anything

391 King St, Newtown

Founded in St Kilda in 2000, Lentil as Anything’s Sydney operation is a not-for-profit restaurant a stone’s throw from Newtown Station. By far the friendliest restaurant I’ve ever been to, Lentils (as it’s called by regulars) asks customers to “pay as you feel” and is founded on the motto, “Everyone deserves a place at the table.”

The feeling of community is palpable; staff members are all volunteers, local musicians put on live shows for free and members of the community contribute all the art featured on the walls.


Ungaro Raw

656 Darling St, Rozelle

Ungaro Raw specialises in raw food, vegan and vegetarian dishes with all ingredients sourced locally and ethically. The menu will satisfy not only your vegetarian needs but also your Instagram account!

I would recommend one of Ungaro’s vegetarian burgers; all patties are made from chickpeas and lentils, served on a delicious wholemeal bun.


Hari’s vegetarian

157 Broadway, Ultimo

As the name suggests, this Hare Krishna eatery is yet another great source of cheap, nutritious vegetarian food. Specialising in Indian food, Hari’s is affordable and delicious.


Marrickville organic food markets

142 Addison Road, Addison Road Community Centre

Held every Sunday these markets offer the best in fresh local produce and fresh food.

Vegan and vegetarian stalls, such as Venus Wholefoods, abound.


Your local supermarket

While not strictly vegetarian, your local supermarket is sure to stock vegetarian ingredients; and they’re probably things you already eat! Oats, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, Chia seeds, spinach, peanut butter and pumpkin are there for all your iron and protein needs.

Other everyday products such as Vegemite and Oreos (yes, Oreos) are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.