Inner West Whispers – 210

Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact...

  • Dr Cedric Spencer (Liberal candidate for Grayndler) has alleged that unnamed Labor people are threatening him and tearing down his posters. His press release reads “Our volunteers were even confronted by aggressive Labor supporters as we campaign and place election signs…suggesting that no Liberal signs are to be placed in a Labor area. Of course the NSW Police have been called in and the person identified and cautioned – as destroying personal property is a criminal offence.” Spencer goes further to suggest  “the current member of Grayndler is apparently unhappy with the competition.” This is before the Greens candidate Hall Greenland has even joined the contest. Perhaps Hall is letting the two major parties out-slur each other and is quietly waiting for the right moment to become a shining beacon of rationality…..


  • In State politics, Jamie Parker has hopped on the light rail wagon and has renewed his push for the light rail to be extended into the CBD along Parramatta Rd and onto the Balmain Peninsula. With Federal politicians like Tony Abbot weighing into the Parramatta Rd debate and promising billions of dollars to fix congestion, Parkers initiatives may be overlooked by most of Sydney’s 4WD addicts.


  • Brothel owner Eddie Hayson is again in trouble. After having his $180 000 Porsche loaded onto a towtruck, Hayson has been brought into the Singo/Waterhouse enquiry. With many jockeys known to have frequented Stillettos in the past and chief steward Ray Murrihy warning against such shanangians – Eddie Hayson might have to pull his head in. Tom Waterhouse has a caveat over Stillettos to protect his $3.36million claim. Hayson ought to be careful what he murmurs. There have been recent sightings of on-site paper shredding trucks nearby.

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