Whispers – 211

• The new GM at Marrickville Council is known to be a good guy. By promoting from within, Brian Barrett is expected to have a good handle on the complex issues confronting Marrickville. The current challenge is the childcare debate. Some Greens councillors are upset that Marrickville ALP can find $1 million to install artificial turf for Arlington Oval but not to build a new child care centre as promised to local parents. As of April 2013, there were almost 2,000 children on the early childhood care waiting list, with more than half of these coming from the suburbs of Marrickville and Dulwich Hill. Looks like they might be waiting a long time.

• Does anyone know what actually happened at the budget accommodation hostel on Parramatta Road, Concord, last month when police and ambulance officers were called in to investigate? Rumour has it that there was a death in the building, but no one could tell us much more than that…

• Farewell to popular Newtown hangout, Jester Seeds, which closed it’s doors this May – it will be missed by many local cool kids and cocktail lovers.

• Which Leichhardt business owner’s sexist jokes and macho behaviour has been offending the local ladies of late? Lucky for him, his female chef (ironic really, isn’t it) makes such great food it doesn’t seem to be effecting business… not yet anyway.

• Which Haberfield pizza chef has been using restaurant business cards to hand out his phone number to young attractive female diners that catch his eye? Local ladies beware, this Italian import is set to spice things up in the Inner West.

• Also in Haberfield, a warning to those with fruit trees in easy reach of passerbys. A hungry thief has been spotted stealing bagfuls of mandarins out of resident’s yards. Hmm…and we thought the GFC was over.

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