Your month in the stars – April

The New Moon in your sign on 5 April marks the peak energy of the astrological New Year. Set ambitious but attainable goals and commit to them.

Networking for personal or professional gains proves successful in the first half of April. Check details under the Mercury-Neptune link of 2 April to avoid possible confusion.

Make an intuitive decision between your dreams and the practicalities of life when Mars squares Neptune on 27 April.

Release people, patterns or situations that drain your energy. Let go of baggage after 5 April and move forward.

Ambitious Lions are enticed to stretch beyond their professional boundaries. Pursue a radical career direction after 23 April.

Celebrations are on the agenda this month. Acknowledge your professional achievements by letting the good times flow from 7 April.

Relationships are the focus for love-seeking Libra. Generate harmony with a significant other and meet them half-way on a certain issue.

Ensure your priorities guide you, not other people’s expectations. The Sun-Jupiter link of 14 April may bring an opportunity to fulfil a long-held dream.

Tactful negotiating skills move your cause forward from 27 April, even if you find yourself on the opposite side of an argument.

The first half of April zooms-in on your domestic space. Shift your focus on 19 April to your career commitments. Aim for balance between the two spheres.

Expect jubilant financial news that could alter your life choices when Venus and Jupiter connect on 16 April.

Speedy Mars helps you make fast and accurate changes on the domestic front, especially around 27 April.


By Astrogirlzarro