Your month in the stars – April

You believe anything is possible under the cosmological forces stirring this month. Links from revolutionary Uranus to the Sun and the New Moon on 16 April help you break free from a restrictive situation.

If you have stalled with a particular project, expect movement mid-month when the Sun enters your sign and connects to ambitious Mars.

The Moon, Venus and Mercury can generate ambivalent feelings about a certain someone. Verbalise your thoughts clearly after 14 April when Mercury goes direct.

Cancerians will have a good understanding of what they want from relationships. Romantic truths emerge mid-month.

Domestic plans are a priority under the Jupiter-Pluto link. Change your DIY schedule after 14 April for favourable outcomes.

Virgos will relish the joy of life this month. Expect romance to blossom, especially around 24 April, when stylish Venus entices you into revamping your image.

Take a romantic risk and see what unfolds under the influence of the Sun and New Moon in your love zone. Honesty and individuality work in your favour, so go for it!

Deep passions propel you forward on many levels, thanks to the Venus transit. Your investigative qualities surface to find answers to a perplexing question.

Act on a domestic dream this month with the help of Mars and Neptune. Goals of making your home a sanctuary will unfold over the year.

Juggling household logistics may be tricky until 14 April under the Mercury retrograde cycle. Move forward with projects in the second half of the month.

Expect professional progress this April. You’ll be persuasive around 14 April with a mover ‘n’ shaker who can elevate you to the next level.

Review finances until 14 April under Mercury retrograde. Implement a new monetary strategy in the second of the month for long-term success.

By Astrogirlzarro