Your month in the stars – June

A sabbatical is in order as your soul yearns for peace and space under the Jupiter-Neptune link. Break routine and explore your spiritual side.

Be cautious with financial ventures over the next few weeks. Delay major money decisions until the second half of the year.

The New Moon in your sign on 3 June has you craving information or ideas about a particular issue. Venus advises that you brainstorm with others before making a decision.

Counselling loved ones is on the agenda when Mercury enters Cancer on 4 June. Tensions may arise around 15 June due to misunderstandings. Negotiate differences with respect.

Making better use of technology improves your work prospects this month. Striking out in a radical direction after 28 June proves successful.

Negotiate with a significant other your domestic goals and expectations. Address a pressing family issue under the Jupiter-Neptune connection.

Incorporating savvy technology as part of your money management processes helps you gain control of challenging fiscal matters this month.

Your beliefs surrounding money may be questioned under the Jupiter-Neptune connection. Be mindful of increasing costs relating to children, hobbies or passions.

The Full Moon in your sign on 17 June, coupled with lucky Jupiter, provides opportunities to expand your horizons. Taking a risk on an excellent adventure pays off.

Restless Mars highlights relationship tension between 15 and 20 June. Adopt a mature and calm approach to resolving differences.

‘Think big’ about your pending DIY activities. The Uranus influence demands that you undertake radical but exciting renovation projects with aplomb.

Strive to find balance between your domestic affairs and your career demands this month.


By Astrogirlzarro