Your month in the stars – June

Do less and achieve more under the Mars retrograde motion. This is an ideal time to review a situation, de-clutter your living or work space, or pursue forgotten passions.

Reconnecting with a former employer or co-worker in the middle of the month may lead to fulfilling career opportunities long-term.

Plans may change or become delayed under the New Moon on 13 June. Be flexible with fixed schedules.

The stars focus on money throughout June. The influence of the Sun, Mercury and the Full Moon at the end of the month demand that you take charge financially.

Misunderstandings are possible under the Mercury retrograde motion. Make you message clear and persuasive.

Wellbeing and work routines may be in flux this month. Ditch the script and adapt your schedule to accommodate unexpected developments.

Challenge yourself to examine your neglected passions and dreams. Mars’ influence has you confronting those strangleholds that keep you safe.

You have the powerful North Node on your side, a point that encourages progress. Advancement at work or achieving a professional milestone is likely around 19 June.

The New Moon on 14 June kick-starts a new chapter in your love life. Make plans for a stellar future with that special someone.

Capricorns need to face their financial challenges this month. Expect a cosmic pause around 25 June. Delays signal that a suitable arrangement is unfolding in its own time.

Reviewing your goals is a priority under the Mercury retrograde motion. Take a break from routine and reflect on possible directions.

Organise your domestic space, family schedules or commitments with the power of multi-tasking Mercury. DIY projects gain momentum from 12 June, so get busy!


By Astrogirlzarro