Your month in the stars – October

You’ll be itching to move forward under the influence of Mars and the Full Moon on 14 October. Carefully consider the consequences of your actions this month.

Clear communication is the key to success in October.  Think deeply about what you want from a personal or business collaboration and practise effective ways to express this.

Saturn teaches you to set financial limits, especially around 28 October. Embrace a long-term plan to improve your monetary situation.

October is an ideal time to dive into DIY projects. Home renovations, decorating projects or a relocation are likely over the next few months.

Avoid scattering your energy over numerous projects and channel your efforts into two or three key ventures for positive outcomes.

Take charge of your finances from 4 October with assertive Mars. Find the confidence to negotiate a raise or promotion or go after a business dream.

Mars enters your sign on 4 October, generating self-assurance and vigour. Act on a stalled project or situation and watch it grow.

The urge to reflect and ask deep questions will intensify under the Mercury transit this month. Pull back from the grind and make time for your inner world.

Money matters are on the agenda throughout October. Avoid making rash financial decisions around 28 October.

Mercury triggers a review period where you question the company you keep. Be ruthless and cull the emotional vampires.

Your networking skills improve under the Mercury transit. Meet and mingle with luminaries who can assist you professionally.

Intimacy issues arise under the Mars transit from 4 October. Be mindful of the subtleties of your personal relationships and confront prickly subjects with sensitivity.

By Astrogirlzarro