Your month in the stars – March

Beginnings are on the agenda. Prepare to launch new projects with the help of Mercury and Mars from 6 March.

The Universe signals you to slow down and contemplate a situation mid-month. Romance blossoms in the last week of March with the help of Venus.

Geminis can expect sparks to fly when Mars joins forces with Uranus. Make your move romantically before 18 March.

Saturn demands that you take responsibility in your closest relationships. Be honest with yourself and others.

Mars helps you pursue a creative dream by providing drive and courage. Put play above work mid-month and infuse your life with spontaneity and child-like curiosity.

March begins with the Full Moon in Virgo on 2 March. A strong creative theme emerges under the Mercury-Venus link. Dive into artistic projects, escape through music, or visit museums and galleries for inspiration.

It’s the month of the Blue Moon (two Full Moons in the same month) and the second Full Moon occurs in your sign on 31 March. Outside forces may limit a personal situation or project; a conservative approach yields favourable outcomes.

Indulgences on many levels may be an issue from 6 March under extravagant Venus. Exercising restraint helps curb potentially chronic concerns.

Mercury brings new information regarding children or your own creative processes. Avoid poorly planned schedules when Mercury retrogrades from 22 March.

‘Changeability’ is the key word for Capricorns in March. Be flexible with plans and reorganise logistics to minimise the unexpected.

Now is the time to vocalise your message to the world. While communication is clear and direct, be mindful to be approachable and tactful.

Explore your mystical side or develop deep intuitive skills. You are driven by feelings this month, so trust your instincts but don’t ignore the facts.

By Astrogirlzarro