Your say: Barry O'Farrell and Winegate

In the wake of Barry O’Farrell’s resignation, we ask locals what they think of the situation…

“Stupid to accept it, stupid thing to lie about, stupid thing to end his leadership. I think his integrity, perversely, was his downfall. He couldn’t quite wriggle fast enough (like some of the better-practised miscreants) and lied in panic. Quickly undone.”
Patrick, Rozelle.

“Water has been turned into wine before, but this is the first time that wine had gone to water.”
Michael, Abbotsford.

“Just shows most politicians are self-serving, lying, power hungry gangsters in suits.”
Robert, Lilyfield.

“It’s like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky all over again, except in this case it ain’t a stain on a dress, it’s a little thank you note.”
Marco, Balmain.

“A bottle of wine is a reasonable gift; most of us don’t know the value of a bottle of wine when we get it. He didn’t do anything to favour the giver. Let’s not forget who the real crooks are here. The mafia running the water holdings – surprise – Labor king pins. Some of you have short memories or don’t live in this NSW. The majority of problems we all complain about is thanks to years of Labor Party neglect.”
Mark, Leichhardt.

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