Your Say: Changing the date of Australia Day?

Ciao asks, Inner-Westies answer…

Should we change the date of Australia Day?

“I don’t know if we should change the date necessarily but I do think we need to be a lot more sensitive and a lot more aware of what Indigenous people are feeling around the day. I’m really ambivalent about it. I’ve never celebrated it and overt displays of nationalism make me really uncomfortable.”
Eleanor, Stanmore

“We absolutely should. Australia was formed on the day we achieved independence, not on the day of an invasion.”
Finn, Stanmore

“Of course we should; the fact so many don’t want to consider it just illustrates our continuing apathy towards Indigenous issues. Invasion Day is a day of mourning for our native people, and there are so many days which were far more significant in shaping our nation.”
Hannah, Stanmore

“Why bother?”
James, Enmore

“I do. I think it has too many negative connotations and I have had friends refer to it as Invasion Day. If we could find something closer the respect people have for ANZAC Day that would be great, especially since we are supposed to be celebrating the country it has become, not the country it was.”
Lauren, Summer Hill