Your Say: Council Amalgamations

Should the Inner West Council remain amalgamated?

“I don’t want it to remain merged. I have friends who work for council, they have told me they will be losing their jobs to contractors if the council merges fully. I don’t own my house so I don’t pay rates but I hope it doesn’t merge.”
Melissa, Leichhardt

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. It will cost less and more money can go into services of value.”
Rachel, Leichhardt

“Yes, I think it will be better. It’s a small area with lots of people in it. I live in Stanmore and we kept having to go to different councils to solve issues a street away from each other.”
Jermaine, Stanmore

“As a European I think we have too many levels of government anyway. Too many people earning too many kick-backs. We need government that is modern, manageable and accountable. Hopefully by broadening council areas cronyism will be a thing of the past.”
Elizabeth, Balmain

“Yes, I think it will cut some expenses. I haven’t really noticed a difference.”
Mirta, works in Leichhardt

“We voted this government in. I think the best thing we can do is give them a go and see what happens. If you’ve got councils coming together there’ll be more brains on board.”
Tommy, works in Leichhardt