Your Say: Election issues

What should be the major issues in the upcoming elections?

Make sure elderly people are looked after and income tax relief goes to low-income earners before the rich. It would be good if politicians had a long-term plan for the future of the country. It would be nice to see some vision from the pollies.
Rick, Croydon

Christ, I don’t know much about it. I just go with the flow.
Herbert, Abbotsford

Funding for hospitals and schools.
Ginetta, Leichhardt

I feel sorry for pensioners who have worked hard all their life and now they are living on little money. It affects a lot of people and I think that’s unfortunate.
Jenny, Five Dock

Jobs for people of all ages.
Andrew, Leichhardt

The issue of marriage equality is personally important for me, I think the time has come.
Georgia, Leichhardt

Education and hospitals. There is all this new infrastructure going into certain buildings but I don’t see it going to hospitals. I am living in an area with an expected population growth of 50,000 people and the hospital is pretty run down, it needs an upgrade.
Chris, Canterbury