Your say: favourite herbs & spices

Ciao asks Inner-westies: What is your favourite herb or spice, and what is your preferred meal to use it in?

• “Dill on salmon.” Marco 

• “Mint. I use it in home-made lemon popsicles, mint ice cubes for cocktails or to give a fresh taste to water. Even better, dip it in dark chocolate for a guilt free alternative to sugary after dinner mints.” Daniela 

• “Cardamom – homemade chai spiced granola.” Shirin 

• “I use a lot of turmeric and chilli powder, but don’t really know what I use them for… I generally smell them to see if they work with whatever I’m cooking.” Nick, Leichhardt

• “Chilli powder, I put it in everything. Seriously, any savoury food has a place for chilli powder.” Bibek, Dulwich Hill

• “I love using Garam Masala as the base of a curry, and watching it infuse the oil with delicious flavour and colour.” Julia, Stanmore

• “Fresh coriander in almost everything – chopped in salads or sprinkled on top or carrot or veggie soups.” Jenny, Lilyfield

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