Your say: Inner west infrastructure

What infrastructure needs the most improvement in the Inner West?

Affordable, liveable housing.
Nicholas, St Peters

Aside from housing, reliable public transport. Especially during peak hour traffic.
Sarah, Croydon

More investment in cycle paths. But I’m quite biased.
Michael, Leichhardt

More public toilets or some way of working out where the nearest one is. I swear they don’t exist when you need one.
Alex, Newtown

Public walkways… I think they’re called ‘greenways’ where it’s actually nice to walk. Think more Bay Walks, less side walks. It’s something Canberra does well. That or more free wifi hot spots. Canberra does that too.
Adam, Five Dock

More community/collaboration open spaces like Grounds of Alexandria or the Tramsheds.
Esta, Drummoyne

Low-cost housing and more places doing the amazing work of the Leichhardt Women’s Health Centre.
Ellen, Dulwich Hill

Pubs. Give us one that’s unpretentious, inexpensive and has a decent menu.
Lee, Annandale