Your Say: Inner West relationships

We’ve got a theory that relationships are more successful when both partners are from the Inner West. Do you only date people from your own area?

• “Yes, you can go to the same cafe!” Michael, Abbotsford.   

• “I am not suburbist, but it’s a practical method I would consider using.” Mike, Sydney.   

• “It’s easier to stalk someone once they’ve dumped you if you live in the same ‘burb. Well I find it easier anyway…” Ged, Camperdown.

• “Good theory. Inner Westies are a special breed and often misunderstood by outside species – personally, I always find I get along best with other Campos coffee-drinking, op-shopping, foreign-movie watching locals.” Mark, Petersham.

• “Isn’t it better to date people outside your area so if things go bad you won’t have to bump into them everywhere?!” Dayna, Annandale.

• “Dating someone from the same suburb is certainly more convenient but love doesn’t discriminate between east and west.” Francine, Burwood.

• “I once dated a guy from Wollongong… it didn’t work out because of the cost of petrol.” Caris, St Peters.

• “This is a ridiculous and discriminatory theory. How will you meet anyone if you’re excluding a huge chunk of the population?” Ashley, Drummoyne.

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