Your say: Is the Inner West patriotic?

As Anzac Day approaches we wonder: is the Inner West patriotic?

“Ask that question again in June for the World Cup!”
Mark, Leichhardt.

“As an elected Council representative over the past 25 years, I have seen growing crowds at the dawn service of successive Anzac Day services. I’ve been impressed with the young children who attend with their parents or, as teenagers, with their mates. There’s plenty of respect amongst our young and I believe the tradition will thrive. So ‘patriotic’ may not be the word I’d use, as that conjures images of American-type flag waving razzmatazz, but ‘respectful’, most certainly.”
Michael Megna, Abbotsford.

“Locals are proud to be Aussie but not necessarily ‘patriotic’ in terms of supporting war,”
Jerry, Ashfield.

“I know heaps of young people that have signed up for the Army and Navy, however I don’t know if this translates to patriotism necessarily. It’s actually think people view it as a career move, like any other.”
Fiona, Newtown.

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