Your say: Israeli Film Fest protests

What was your take on the demonstrations outside the Israeli Film Festival? Should we protest artistic events?

“The Greens party are the boycotter’s political advocates. I just don’t get it… how is censorship, the prohibition of artistic freedom and the silencing of dissenting opinion in any way ‘progressive’ and left wing?” –Margaret, Annandale

“Right of assembly should be universal. Peaceful protest is a pillar of our society” –Patrick, Rozelle

“The protestors should be allowed to protest. I don’t know why they want to though; the Israeli film festival is not the Israeli government” –Max, Newtown

“I’m all for peaceful protests and I think they should be allowed, whatever the event. But these protests make me uneasy because there a people involved who can’t distinguish between the action of a government and the culture of a people who have contributed so much.” –Bibek, Dulwich Hill

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