Your Say: Parramatta Road improvements

What most needs to be improved about Parramatta Road?

“More public buses. Probably more light rail towards the Inner West.”
Gianmarco, Abbotsford

“It should be widened, although I don’t know how feasible that is. And maybe even have some underground areas leading in and out of Annandale and Camperdown.”
Jim, Haberfield

“It needs a better flow of traffic.”
Dimitri, Kings Langley

“I hate it. I always avoid it. The traffic is atrocious. Widen it. Put something over the top of it. They need to do something.”
Kelly, Rozelle

“Obviously, traffic is the worst. And it’s a bit of an eyesore too, so landscaping wouldn’t go astray. But overdevelopment
is a problem.”
Yvonne, Leichhardt

“I really don’t like Parramatta Road, I avoid it at all costs. I even put up with Kent Street on my way home from the city so I can avoid it. It needs extra lanes, but that’s also not very good for the environment. Maybe they could plant more trees around the new lanes.”
Tania, Rodd Point

“Public transport for sure, it’s pretty appalling.”
Laura, Marrickville.