Your Say: Pop-up shops

What do you think of the pop-up store concept: smart and innovative or just a reflection of society’s ever-shrinking attention span?

“The second one.”
Daniel, Wollongong

“It is a great idea to give a shop owner a chance to test the local market and creates life in one of too many empty shops in the area. The biggest issue is we need more people in the catchment and better public transport and parking.”
Michael, Balmain 

“They definitely reflect our shorter attention-spans these days but that doesn’t make them any less of a cool idea and they are a smart way to make quick cash.”
Nati, Burwood

“We need to ask ourselves: is anything ‘pop’ ever good? Pop music? No. Pop tarts? Disgusting. By this philosophy, we can’t expect anything positive from pop-up stores then.”
Kellie, Haberfield

“They are a cool idea but I hate when they close before I make it to the shop to check it out!”
John, Annandale

“I’m sure they are an excellent idea from a business perspective; cheap rent, immediate buzz and they create a sense of immediacy among shoppers who need to get there before it’s gone. But it’s true that people have become so used to having new things all the time that they get bored so easily.”
Sam, Rozelle

“It’s the best idea… helps non cashed up entrepreneurs and forces landlords to rethink the high rental prices. Better a tenanted space as opposed to an empty one – longer term, it’s a win-win.”
Mark, Leichhardt

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