Your say: eco sins

As the Footprints Eco Festival draws near, it’s time to confess your eco sins: what’s your most unsustainable guilty pleasure?

“Sitting in front of the heater and watching reality TV pretty much throughout the entire three months of winter – it’s my time to hibernate.” Nat, Wareemba.

“Leaving my computer on 24/7 because I’m too impatient to wait for it to turn on every time I want to use it.” Kiel, Drummoyne.

“Driving  one kilometre up the street to buy a Paddle Pop ice cream from the BP station. It’s too cold to walk but it’s never too cold for ice cream.” Nicole, Haberfield.

“I know it’s totally indulgent, but warming up my clothes and underwear in the dryer before putting them on.”  Helen, Annandale.

“Using way too much toilet paper. I hear you’re only meant to use two squares per visit to the rest room. I’d estimate I use three times that amount.” Mike, Abbotsford.

“I take long showers and even longer baths.” Phoebe, Stanmore.

“Forgive me Mother Nature for I have sinned – I go shopping three times a week and don’t bring a greenbag.” Felecia, Haberfield.

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