Your month in the stars – March

The Uranus-Mars link compels you to improve your finances this month. Create an innovative budget, spending or savings plan to maximise your economic power.

Capitalise on the magnetic Venus transit between 2 and 27 March by updating your business cards, logo or website, or by refreshing your wardrobe.

Serious Saturn can teach you a thing or two about setting financial limits. Applying monetary discipline around 14 March yields long-term results.

This month, Saturn helps you mature and gain wisdom in matters of the heart. Commit yourself to a significant other, especially around 14 March.

Generate ‘togetherness’ for you and a loved one under the Venus cycle; you’ll receive the emotional support you need between 2 and 27 March.

The New Moon on 7 March adds a dreamy, romantic quality to your relationships. Avoid drifting into unreliable situations that alter your judgement.

A major financial breakthrough is possible this month. The Uranus cycle helps create freedom from money issues if you are open to testing unconventional strategies.

Venus occupies your domestic space between 2 and 27 March. Splurge on soft furnishings, artwork or a new colour scheme.

Support from fiery Mars between 14 and 20 March can bring stability and clarity to your finances.

Links from Venus to Jupiter around 21 March brings the prospect of dividends. You may receive an unexpected gift or find negotiating money matters works in your favour.

Be cautious with business dealings between 4 and 27 March when Mercury retrogrades. Remain flexible under pressure and review your practises.

Reflective methods such as meditation, yoga or journaling can provide you with the space to go deep and get honest with yourself.


By Astrogirlzarro