August Stars

Family connections are emphasised this month, thanks to Venus’ influence between 1 and 26 August. Attend to personal relationship issues between 26 and 31 August.

A cycle of financial stability begins in August. The Solar Eclipse on 22 August triggers major monetary changes. Implement a strategy between 26 and 31 August.

Review your domestic arrangements throughout the month. Take time to refine your plans between 12 and 31 August under the Mercury retrograde transit.

Venus’ entry into Cancer and the Jupiter- Pluto link propel you to examine what ‘home’ means on a spiritual level. Expect stability towards the end of August.

Leo, this is your month for personal development. The Eclipses of 8 and 22 August bring insight and dramatic growth on many levels.

Rethink your financial strategy between 2 and 8 August and follow up with a long-term spending plan between 26 and 31 August.

August sees Librans embrace self-awareness through practical techniques. Master new communication skills and express yourself effectively.

The Jupiter-Saturn connection provides Scorpions with opportunities for significant professional advancement. Action taken now pays off long-term.

The Eclipses of 8 and 22 August encourage you to explore new territory on a personal or business level. Be open to new horizons.

Wealth creation is the focus for the Goat throughout August. Adopt a vigorous financial strategy over the next few weeks.

This month’s dynamite Lunar and Solar Eclipses rattles the Aquarian’s love life big time. Expect a more authentic and fulfilling approach to romance in the second half of the year.

Stability concerning money is possible in the second half of August. Apply discipline to spending and saving habits to achieve long-term financial goals.

By Astrogirlzarro