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In our thriving Inner West community of over 50,000 people, there are lots of purchasing decisions being made. How much of the local market have you captured?

From regular display advertising to stunning advertorials, our policy is to make you look your best so our readers connect with your business. We do the selling for you!

Rates from $195

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Introduce your business to new patrons. Get locals to become regular clients that make a big difference to your bottom line.

Word of Mouth

Ciao is word of mouth. So often we hear “I saw it in Ciao”. The localized content, the people, the characters, the recommendations are credible and create business.People talk. They tell other people about successful encounters and they like to be positioned as the experts. They like to be in the know.


Ciao is unique. It is independent, intelligent and savvy. The Inner West has shifted towards a creative class, a latte set that appreciate the Inner West lifestyle. Ciao reflects this. Your business needs to be this.


Our readers respect the local community. They would rather support local business than bigger unknown brands. We are moving away from globalisation towards local, known businesses.