Gigs Guide – 231

 Thursday 17th April
The Delta Riggs

Sporting haircuts taken directly from This Is Spinal Tap (pictured above), this Melbourne four-piece jumps from genre to genre with reckless abandon. One second it’s blues rock, then it will get psychedelic and groovy before ending with some swampy riffs. Awesome the whole way through.

The Roller Den, $15.85



Friday 18th April

Don’t be fooled by the name; these guys are no softies. While you can still hear a lot of angst, the kind you hear in really awful metal music, this band is pretty cool if you’re into chunky guitar and hypnotic vocals. Good stuff.

Bald Faced Stag


Saturday 26th April
King Tide and Dog Trumpet

King Tide is one of Australia’s favourite soul-reggae bands. Dog Trumpet is the latest musical endeavour of Peter O’Doherty and his brother Chris (AKA Reg Mombassa or the guy who does all those Mambo illustrations). Nuff said.

The Vanguard, $28.80

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