Have your aura snapped

Professionals wanted for an aura portrait. Are you or do you know a Blacksmith or a Deer Farmer? A Horse Breeder or a Prison Officer? A Golfer or a Conveyancer? If so, you could be part of an expansive and colourful portrait of contemporary Australia.

Australian artist Kate Mitchell is appealing to the public to help find occupations listed by the Australian and New Zealand Bureau of Statistics’ Standard Classification of Occupations for a major participatory art exhibition All Auras Touch at Carriageworks.

 For the project, Mitchell will photograph the aura of one representative for each of the 1023 census recognised occupations using an electromagnetic field imaging camera invented by American innovator Guy Coggins.

 Exhibited from 8 January – 1 March 2020, the expansive installation will present a snapshot of contemporary Australia.

 The public have registered for over half of listed occupations, leaving the more uncommon occupations to be filled.

Some of the missing professions include:

Aircraft Refuelled, Apparel Cutter, Autoglazier, Bungy Jump Master,       Cardiologist, Commodities Trader, Cotton Grower, Customs Officer, Dermatologist, Flying Instructor, Forester, Goat Farmer, Gunsmith,    Helicopter Pilot, Intelligence Officer, Locksmith, Magistrate, Meat Packer,      Microbiologist, Miner, Otorhinolaryngologist, Outdoor Adventure Instructor, Panelbeater, Parking Instructor, Pest Controller, Pig Farmer,  Podiatrist, Refuge Worker, Taxi Driver, Train Examiner, School Principal,  Slaughterer, Monographer, Tennis Coach, Train Controller, Trekking Guide     Urologist, Waterside Worker, Zookeeper


1. Go to the following website: https://carriageworks.com.au/events/kate-mitchell-all-auras-touch/

2. Review the ‘Occupation List’ to find the occupation that best represents your work.

3. Click ‘Register’ to open the form.

4. Select your ‘Occupation’. (Please note that once an occupation has been taken, it will no longer be available.)

5. Next, select the ‘Specialisation/Alternative Title’ most relevant to your occupation. If no ‘Specialisation/Alternative Title’ is relevant, select N/A.

6. Select a date and time to sit for your aura portrait.

7. Input your details and click ‘Submit’.

8. Your aura portrait will be taken at Carriageworks. It will take approximately 15-minutes.