Inner West Whispers – 233

Verity’s political comeback, a bright addition, DAs done right, vale Melinda

Verity Firth has won the ‘opportunity’ to win back the seat of Balmain, which she lost to Jamie Parker in 2011. Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne humbly accepted defeat and has pledged his support to the determined Labor ex-Education Minister. Jamie Parker has welcomed the battle, but the real challenger (representing the Liberal Party) has yet to be outed.

• Petersham has been Brighton-ed up by a new corner café called, wait for it, Brighton The Corner on, you guessed it, the corner of Brighton Street (pictured above). The previous owners had been trying to sell the small corner shop for a few years. The overhaul has breathed new life into the popular boutique precinct (especially amongst mums and Fort Street High School students).

McCarthy Maisonettes has begun selling its studio apartments, perfect for “young executives who want to live close to the city” in an ugly shoebox next to a rundown pub and Sydney’s busiest street. If you’ve never heard of Maisonettes, you’ll have to wait like us for the display apartment. Shouldn’t take too long to build, it’s probably on 20 square metres. How did this get through the DA process? Maybe this is one of the reasons why Leichhardt Council have elected to have a one-year trial where councillors do not determine the outcomes of DAs. Instigated by Darcy Byrne, the trial to form an independent Leichhardt Planning Panel will consist of five members and a representative of the community. This is a monumental change.

• A sad time for Leichhardt Council, as they mourn the loss of remarkable councillor Melinda Manikas. Melinda leaves behind a legacy of great community work and goodwill. Our best to her family.

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