Inner West Whispers – 248

Co.Has.It, Fire fund mismanagement, Balmain gets dogged

The Italian Forum saga has been seemingly resolved. Co.As.It signed a contract last Friday for $2.8m and a spokesperson has stated that Co.As.It is currently in negotiations with current tenants, the Actors Centre Australia. The two cases scheduled to appear before court this week have been dropped, although how Co.As.It Italophiles, AAC thespians, and Glorious Gospel Church (GGC) believers, as well as all those acronyms, manage to share the space is yet to be seen.

Speculation has spiked over how the Rozelle Fire Funds have been distributed among victims of the fire, with father of the deceased Bianka O’Brien and Labor Councillor, Darcy Byrne are set to make a public statement on supposed fund mismanagement this week. Over $220,000 was raised for victims of the fire, however, who qualifies for compensation and how much has been questioned.

Sydney’ The Telegraph journalist  took a dig at Leichhardt Council this week, calling them “anti-boat people.”No, he didn’t mean anti-refugees or anti-asylum-seekers, but anti-cruise-ships-docking-at-White-Bay due to pollution concerns. The White Bay port was chosen as a secondary Cruise Ship terminal in 2011, however a ship-to-shore power supply was not included in the port’s plans meaning that Cruise Ships have to keep their engines running whilst docked at the terminal. The big industry of Cruise liners has not taken to the dispute kindly, threatening to boycott the port, while some local residents and academics are saying the boat’s fumes pose a health risk…as unweildly comparisons surely do too.

Inner West residents have become the first to embrace a new ‘online platform’ that offers Air BnB style services but for pets! (Inevitable, really) A Balmain resident was one of the first people to hop on the band-wagon and open her home to animals great and small, providing a much needed service to all those critters sidelined by the mainstream pet-boarding market: cheapskate Chiwawas, overly-adventurous Alsations and those cashed up, puppaccino-sipping Labradoodles always on the look-out for “local”experiences. If only Carnival cruise-liners stopping in Balmain allowed pets on board, then we’d really be cornering a pawfitable market.