Eve Myles as Faith Howells - Keeping Faith_Season 3, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: AcornTV

Eve Myles (Victoria/Torchwood) reprises her role as Faith in the third season of the popular Welsh thriller Keeping Faith. Acorn Media are delighted to be giving away 5 x DVDs to celebrate the release of this series 3 as a DVD and on itunes.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, here is a snapshot….
“Two weeks away from their divorce and a hearing that will determine their children’s future custody, Faith (Eve Myles) and Evan (Bradley Freegard) are at loggerheads. Refusing to let go, Evan is insanely jealous of Faith’s burgeoning love affair with Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones) and fearful that they intend to start a new life together.

Meanwhile, Faith and Cerys (Hannah Daniel) have established a new law firm and take on the case of 14-year-old Osian Taylor (Keogh Kiernan), who is suffering from an aggressive brain tumour that doctors have declared too advanced to operate on. While dealing with the trauma her imminent divorce is inflicting on her daughters, Alys (Demi Letherby) and Megan (Lacey Jones) as well as all the pressures of work, Faith faces an even bigger and far more terrifying problem when her long estranged mother, Rose (Celia Imrie), reappears, intent on wreaking maximum revenge for an event which remains a dark, buried secret between them.

Navigating increasingly impossible dilemmas and for once not able to give all those she loves what they need, Faith heads towards a final and devastating confrontation with Rose which will transform her life for ever.”

To win one of 5 DVDs please email us your your name and mailing address with Keeping Faith in the subject line.

Featuring 6 x 60 minute episodes
Releasing June 2, 2021
RRP $34.95
Rated M Mature themes, violence, and coarse language