Local News – 280

Nominations Open for Inner West Local Business and Sustainability Awards

Nominations are now open for the upcoming Inner West Local Business Awards and the City of Canada Bay Council’s annual Sustainability Awards. The Inner West Local Business Awards seeks to acknowledge the vital role played by local businesses in our community. Businesses with a large number of nominations for their category will then be chosen as a finalist, with the winners announced at a presentation evening on the 29th of June.

The Sustainability Awards, which are in their tenth year, are open to businesses, community groups and individuals who are deemed to have achieved economic, social or environmental progress in the local area. The winners of the categories will be announced at the Sustainability Awards presentation dinner on the 23rd of May at Rhodes Phoenix restaurant, with tickets on sale now.

To nominate a local business visit www.thebusinessawards.com or fill out the nomination coupon in this issue of Ciao. Nominations for the 2016 Awards will close on Wednesday, 11th May. For further information regarding the Sustainability Awards please email awards@canadabay.nsw.gov.au.


Fostering a Love of Dance

For over six years, Momentum Dance Studio has been offering full-scholarships to children living in foster care with a keen interest in dance and is currently seeking Inner West candidates for the opportunity. The scholarship includes full financial support to study dance at the school until the recipient turns 18.

Directors Belinda Fenech and Natasha Swan believe that despite some children having to face more challenges than others, with support much can be overcome. “As mums and owners of a dance school we saw an opportunity to be able to support children that lived in foster care by providing a long term and stable opportunity to learn to dance with us,” said Natasha. With four different locations across Sydney, including a local Rozelle location, the scholarship is valid for all studios.

For further information on the scholarship, please visit www.momentumdancestudios.com.au.


“Stay Safe, even around Newtown”

The recent bashing of Isaac Keatinge, as he was walking from Redfern to Newtown, has highlighted that the Inner West may not be as accepting as believed. Keatinge believes he was assaulted for wearing a dress. “I was confronted by some straight men who didn’t appreciate the gorgeous gown or make up I was wearing,” he says.

Keatinge, along with NSW Police, recommends that people walking around at night, do so with a group of people and stick to major roads that are well lit.