Nathan – Hot or Not?

Nathan Hitchins has been a spirited barman for most of his life. Moving to Leichhardt in 2011 he has been immersed in the coffee culture of the Inner West, however is rapt to reignite his passion for Mixology at the new Royal Botanical Cocktail Bar upstairs at The Royal Hotel on Norton St. Nathan likes his martinis dirty and his scotch peaty. Nathan’s tips for making amazing cocktails are to always use the freshest ingredients, slap your mint and never shake gin! He is also a very talented performer and a musician. When he’s not busy performing or mixing drinks, he’s hanging out with his cat Rahja. You can catch Nathan upstairs at The Royal Botanical Bar where he can mix you a classy cocktail or three.

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Great eyes. He can mix me up a cocktail any day.




What’s better than a guy with amazing eyes that can make a good drink! I’d stop by his bar any day!




Any guy who can pour a decent drink deserves a chance. I’d date this guy in a heartbeat.



Ms Red

A gorgeous guy who knows his way around a cocktail shaker and is an animal lover – makes me wanna purr.


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