What's On – 228

February 24, 2014
Johnny Warren Memorial Cup Come along to the 2014 Johnny Warren Memorial Cup this year and cheer on your local council as they make a play for the goal in one of the most anticipated […]

Rant: Shoeless and clueless

December 2, 2013
There are people in this world who would just about give their right foot for a decent pair of shoes. Those poor barefoot souls (get it?) have to traverse tundra, desert, savannah, steppe or war-torn […]

Rant: Revenge of the nerds

November 18, 2013
Fantasy isn’t for just for geeks, it’s the stuff dreams are made of… Ciao Magazine recently published a rant (see here) in which the writer assaulted the fantasy genre and fans of this genre, making […]

Latte Leftie – 222

November 4, 2013
In which Latte Leftie laments the nation-shaming antics of birthday-throwing, blackface-wearing bogans Dear LL : How much damage has been done to what’s left of Australia’s reputation as a civilised nation by a 21-year-old boganette […]

Rant: Anything but fantastic

October 21, 2013
I have not seen a minute of the Harry Potter films, know Twilight only as daylight’s capitulation, have zero interest in any of the seven(teen?) Lord of the Rings epics and have no idea what […]

Not So Great Gatsby

July 26, 2013
Do you believe in the green light? A struggling writer (is there any other kind?) once lamented that no matter how hard they tried, emulating the prose of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s much loved 1925 masterpiece […]
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